Optical Module Assembly


Align and Attach of Multiple Optical Elements inside Packages

Nowadays optical modules and their applications become more and more complex. More optical elements with different properties need to be integrated into smaller and smaller packages. To reduce costs and to increase yield the assembly processes of these optical elements should be performed fully automatically with as little operator intervention as possible.

The key to a successful and fast alignment and attachment of the optical components is the:

  • proper prealignment of the optical components in order not to lose too much time by blind search of optical signals,
  • the capability to automatically actively align the optical element to all kind of optical beam property e.g. divergence, optical power, spectrum, degree of polarization, distance of two beams, splitting ratio, etc. and
  • the capability to measure the named parameters and monitor those during the glue curing process and correct the position of the optical element depending on the post cure shift. This function is called active tracking and a very valuable to achieve high yields

The solution to this task is the AL500-AA AutoAlign System which is equipped with a 6 axis alignment engine to manipulate the optical elements in the submicron range, the sensitive gripper technology to hold the component firmly but without damaging it, multiple cameras for intelligent machine vision, the beam characterization tool (BCT) to analyze the beam, the proper dispensing system to deliver smallest amount of even high viscose glues and the appropriate curing technology for the selected glue. All this hardware functions are controlled by ficonTECs flexible, modular and easy to use process programming software ProcessControlMaster.