High Precision Die Bonding


Selection of Die Bonders

BL100 Table Top Die Bonder

BL100 is the entry level die bonder from ficonTEC’s BL series of eutectic die bonders. Be it for lower volume production or for R&D purposes this table-top semi-automatic pick & place die bonder offers quick results yet with exceptional placement accuracy.

Fields of Usage

  • Eutectic die bonding
  • Epoxy die bonding
  • Chip sorting
  • CoS (Chip on Submount)
  • MEMS/MOEMS assembly
  • Sensors assembly
  • Assembly of optical components (photo diodes, laser diodes)
  • Assembly of mechanical components
  • Applications in the field of medical technology

Intuitive Operation

With the integrated dual imaging optics in combination with the programmable Z-stage this system is well suited for simple sorting or assembly applications as well as for reproducible bonding of electronic and opto-electronic components. A physically generated overlay live image allows the operator to intuitively perform the component alignment. Available options such as different heating plates, heated placement tools, or dispenser further extend the usability of the system.


Heating plate

BL500-COS Chip on Submount Die Bonder

This ficonTEC machine is focused on fully automated bonding processes in the micron and even submicron range. The ficonTEC BL500-COS offers a cost-effective solution and production capabilities for bonding chips on submounts (COS) or to different types of substrates such as Silicon Photonic devices.


  • Selective laser soldering system
  • Post bond measurement capability due to integrated metrology function
  • Laser Class 1 system
  • Fully automatic
  • Cycletime down to 20 sec per device
  • Up to 8 hours of operation without operator intervention
  • Customization for different device types possible

Bond Head

Key Features

  • Chip on submount compatibility
  • Selective soldering capability
  • Electronically adjustable bond force
  • Process parameter tracking
  • Switch between products in minutes
  • Forming Gas supply
  • Optical characterization Recognition (OCR) on heatsinks for serial number tracking
  • Powerful modular operating software concept
  • Operator initiated remote service
  • Data based operating parameter acquisition
  • Component traceability

CL1000-Adaptable Die Bonder Platform

The CL1000 multi-purpose die bonder is a system designed for customers in the semiconductor and photonics packaging market. It can be configured to a wide range of tasks in a wide range of production environments. The base system provides everything needed for a tremendous range of applications. A pre-configured high precision gantry motion system carries the tools for die bonding or testing. Of course the machine is designed for industrial production environments. In combination with a selection of a variety of functional modules the system becomes your individual production cell.

Fields of Usage

  • Si-Photonics components
  • Sensor assemblies
  • Medical devices
  • Miniature lasers
  • Hybrid assemblies
  • LED print heads
  • High power LEDs


Pick -up Tool

Pick Up Tool

Key Features

  • +/- 2 μm bonding accuracy
  • Large number of functional application modules
  • High precision 4 axes motion system, 3 lateral, 1 rotatory
  • Industry grade machine enclosure, Laser Class 1
  • Linear motor driven granite gantry for service less motion
  • Square working area for complex and versatile packaging
  • Epoxy or Eutectic bonding
  • ProcessControlMaster: Extremely powerful and versatile machine software

ProcessControlMaster software

All ficonTEC machines are shipped as turn-key systems. Beside the motion system the packages include the control unit consisting of motion controllers, motion amplifiers and a ready to use programming and control interface. The ProcessControlMaster software features an intuitive line based programming GUI including powerful alignment routines and is completely equipped for full assembly or testing automation. The ProcessControlMaster software is the software which also operates our assembly and testing machines.

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