Automated Micro-Optics Assembly


Automated Micro-Optics Assembly

The AL500-AA from ficonTEC’s AssemblyLine product series is specialized for the automated production of micro-optical packages. The machine combines unique active assembly capabilities with a rugged industry proven design.

Fields of Use

  • Active FAC attach
  • Active or passive SAC attach
  • Active mirror placement
  • Active VBG spectral tuning
  • Focus lens placement
  • General align and attach of micro-optics

Examples of Machines

Fully Automatic Assembly of Micro Optics

AL500 has been developed for handling, placing, and aligning or micro-optical components. For building optical modules from such miniaturized components the machine follows an active alignment approach.



FAC attach to Diode Laser Stacks


Micro-Optics Assembly

Key Features

  • High precision 6 axes alignment engine
  • Fast configurable active alignment routines
  • Signal auto-locking
  • Closed loop active alignment from beam profiling
  • Special precision epoxy dispensing
  • Countermeasure against epoxy shrinkage
  • Pick & Place for extended operatorless operation
  • Extremely flexible machine software

ProcessControlMaster software

All ficonTEC machines are shipped as turn-key systems. Beside the motion system the packages include the control unit consisting of motion controllers, motion amplifiers and a ready to use programming and control interface. The ProcessControlMaster software features an intuitive line based programming GUI including powerful alignment routines and is completely equipped for full assembly or testing automation. The ProcessControlMaster software is the software which also operates our assembly and testing machines.

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