AOI (Inspection)

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

For side wall inspection of semiconductor chips as well as for the inspection of coated facets, ficonTEC’s IL2000 embodies the ideal answer to manufacturing needs. This fully automatic machine acquires high-resolution pictures of the surfaces of interest and performs optical inspection based on the user’s criteria. A top and bottom side inspection module can be added, as well as different component feeding philosophies.

Fields of use:

  • Side wall inspection of semiconductor chips
  • Facet inspection of laser diodes
  • Coating quality control
  • Surface inspection
  • Die sorting

Key Features

  • High-magnification imaging system

  • Color camera for individual color channel examination

  • Köhler illumination

  • Chip side wall inspection

  • Die sorting


Facette inspection


Color camera for individual color channel examination


Reading data codes


Defect inspection (actor contamination)


Locate center of VCSEL

  • Crack recognition

  • Break-out detection

  • Prognosis of crack propagation

  • Particle recognition

  • Dust and fiber recognition

  • Detailed component/batch/lot tracking

  • Individual error catalogue handling

More information

Relevant machine platforms and associated modules:


IL2000 Chip Inspection System