Windows 10 Bluescreen Fix

Windows 10 Bluescreen Fix

June 04, 2021

Windows 10 Bluescreen Fix

Back in March 2021, some computers powered by Microsoft Windows 10 were experiencing bluescreen issues after a Microsoft Windows update. These issues were triggered by an update to Microsoft Windows Defender and affected the TwinCAT drivers that are used on ficonTEC systems. The issues were unforeseen by Microsoft, Beckhoff (who program and maintain the TwinCAT drivers), and ficonTEC. It was widely reported that the same issues also affected several printer manufacturers including Kyocera, Ricoh, Zebra, and others, as well as leading to bluescreen errors on many PCs around the globe.

The offending Microsoft update is an automatic security update, which means it has been downloaded and installed automatically by Microsoft for our customers. Unfortunately, neither you yourself nor ficonTEC have control of whether Microsoft will install the update, or when that happens. At the time when the problem occurred, the Support team provided support and described a workaround for the issue.

We have since been working closely with Beckhoff to find a permanent solution for the issue. Beckhoff has now provided a driver update that we have tested internally and on several customer machines. This driver update resolves the problems experienced due to the Windows Defender interaction error.

Please follow the instructions below to update the appropriate driver on your system. Please note that there are different versions of the driver, and that we first need to determine which version is present on your machine (if you feel you need help from ficonTEC with the process described below, please contact the Support team via eMail and make an appointment for remote support.):

Step 1

Download the linked .zip file to your ficonTEC PC. Please uncompress the archive and copy the contents to a directory on the local hard drive. You will need one of these files later in the update process.

Step 2

Make sure the PCM software is not loaded, and that there are no processes running on the ficonTEC equipment.

Step 3

Please look for the TwinCAT driver icon in the Windows System Tray – the System Tray is located on the bottom right on your screen and contains multiple icons. The TwinCAT icon is highlighted by a red circle in the image below.

Step 4

Right click on the TwinCAT icon and select the “System” menu item and switch to “Config” mode.

Step 5

Right click on the TwinCAT icon and select the “About TwinCAT” menu entry.

Step 6

In the dialog that appears after selecting the “About TwinCAT” menu entry, please check for the version number of your driver – please see the rectangular box in the image below. The version number will either be “4020”, “4022” or “4024”:

Step 7

After determining the version number, please navigate to the directory that corresponds to the version number of your driver. B. Please make sure that you choose the exact same version number – this process is *not* suited for driver upgrades (i.e., from “4020” to “4024”), it simply replaces your original driver with a bug fixed version of the same driver.

Step 8

Use the Windows File Explorer (not Internet Explorer!) to navigate to the “C:TwinCAT3.1driver” folder on your local hard drive. Rename the original “TcRTime.sys” file to “TcRTime.bak”. Copy the “TcRTime.sys” file from the downloaded file directory for your driver version to the “C:TwinCAT3.1driver” folder.

Step 9

A message will appear asking you if you want to Replace or Skip the file since it already exists in the directory. Please chose “Replace the file in the destination” in this dialog.

Step 10

Restart the TwinCAT System.

After you have finished this process, you can reactivate the Windows Defender software that you may have previously disabled. Please restart the PC (not the complete machine) after you are done, and before you again operate the PCM software.

If you have any questions or concerns, or need any help with this process, please reach out to our Service Department via eMail.