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Q1 2020 - Photonics West, Predictive Analytics


• ficonTEC at Photonics West 2020

• New – Machine Learning for Predictive Analytics


ficonTEC at Photonics West 2020 – Booth #5269

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ficonTEC goes to Photonics West in San Francisco this year not only with a more representative booth, but with an important development for the complete product line-up (read below). AssemblyLine and FiberLine demo systems are on hand at the booth to support those needing to learn about innovation in photonics manufacturing, and that are designed to demonstrate the flexibility of the systems for assembly and test tasks – even combined.

If you can make it to the show, please drop by and speak to the team about your requirements – regional heads from Europe, Asia and North America are present to discuss your manufacturing needs in PIC, VCSEL, telecom/datacom and sensor assemly & test. With over 700 installed systems in the field, only ficonTEC has the breadth and depth of expertise across a broad spectrum of applications to deliver the best performance & ROI, regardless of whether for grass-roots R&D, for high-volume manufacturing, or anything in between.

Further details on our range of photonics assembly and test machine systems can be found here.


New – Machine Learning for Predictive Analytics

ficonTEC Service GmbH of Achim, Germany, and Adapdix Corporation of Pleasanton, CA/USA, have entered into a strategic agreement to implement Adapdix’ EdgeOps™ platform technology within ficonTEC’s advanced photonics production systems.

EdgeOps™, a market-leading AI/ML platform and software engine, works by tapping into the wealth of data generated by ficonTEC’s comprehensive software control interface, Process Control Master (PCM). PCM already automatically logs real-time positional, vibrational, environmental and physical/optical performance data for all system modules and customer process steps. Predictive analytics now releases the full potential of this data for optimization purposes.

According to Torsten Vahrenkamp, CEO at ficonTEC, “Through the addition of new Performance Services into our software, we integrate access to predictive maintenance technology for the customer. This helps streamline real-time monitoring, greatly simplifies the establishment of process and machine metrics, and enables the development of low-latency adaptive maintenance capability – in particular vital for installations operating at the Edge.”

To find out more about the benefits provided by Performance Services for your application, drop by the booth at Photonics West or at any of the other events in the ficonTEC calendar.


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