Machine Platforms

A Modular Approach to Machines

Over 600 machines delivered globally, from standard off-the-shelf
to highly-customized, highly-automated solutions

Since 2001, and now with in excess of 600 systems in the field, ficonTEC is the market leader when it comes off-the-shelf and individual solutions for automated micro-assembly, packaging and testing of photonics-based components, micro-optics and opto-electronics devices.

Our machines employ of established and industry -recognized assembly technologies – micro-positioning, active/passive precision alignment, attachment via welding, soldering and/or bonding, and optical inspection. ficonTEC also provides a suite of test capabilities for individual components and assembled hybrid opto-electronic devices. And, with everything being controlled by our flexible software, the product platforms described below become much more than just the sum of their parts.

The technologies available to ficonTEC and implemented in the different machine solutions translate into a broad and established spectrum of production process capability. We have continually refined capability, modularity and design so that these systems reliably and cost-effectively meet the efficiency and yield requirements of your production processes.

For the team here at ficonTEC, these are already simply everyday challenges.

Product Platforms

Systems that bridge the gap from R&D proof-of-process to complex,
high-volume and even multi-line production


Stand-alone machines

Traditionally our most popular machine format, ficonTEC’s stand-alone machines – 500, 1000, 1500, 2000-series systems and up – are intended to provide as much multi-functional, multi-step assembly, bonding or testing capability as possible in a single cell format. With exceptional reliability, world-class performance and comprehensive customization options, these machines are best suited to complex production requirements involving multiple processes.

All are feed-system-capable, and different feed philosophies can be implemented to best suit the environment into which they will be inserted. While the focus for these machines is on ‘stand-alone’ operation, if requested, they can be supplied compatible with in-line and/or high-volume manufacturing approaches by choosing and combining the appropriate modular configuration.

Availability: A, F, B, C, T, I, S, W. Suitable for R&D development all the way through to volume manufacturing. See individual product lines below for more feature details. Additional special purpose cells and robotic systems can be flexibly designed and incorporated to suite customer requirements.

In-line machines

While ficonTEC’s next-generation machine systems – 400, 800, 1200-series systems and up – differ little in capability from their stand-alone counterparts, they have been designed to be in-line-capable from the ground up.

Coupled with industry-standard, production-grade line-feed and state-of-the-art handling systems, single or multiple in-line machines can be inserted into a complete production line for any or all aspects of alignment, attachment (thermal, non-thermal) and performance testing.


Availability: A, F, B, T. Suitable for in-line applications all the way up to high-volume manufacturing. See individual product lines below for more feature details. Additional special purpose cells and robotic systems can be flexibly designed and incorporated to suite customer requirements.


Entry-level systems & desk-top units

Many of the ‘modular’ technologies and capabilities developed and employed in our more complex machines are also available in a straightforward, single-function desk-top format (x100). The cost-of-ownership is low, and the customizable options are limited. Availability: A, F, B, T. These units are primarily intended for laboratory use, R&D, proof-of-concept manufacturing & testing, and other low-complexity applications.

For more complex, but still budget-conscious tasks, x300-series entry-level machines are designed to provide results representative of the more highly-specified stand-alone machines. A small number of optional modules are available for this series, thus enabling limited multi-functionality.

Availability: A, F, B. Typical use includes low-volume, semi- or fully-automatic high-accuracy assembly, also bonding and testing of opto-electronic components, for example in micro-optical packages or onto PICs or other chip substrates.

Product Lines

Just some of the machine types that form either complete,
or just part of the photonics production solutions provided by ficonTEC

Automated Micro-Optics Assembly – ASSEMBLY line

High-precision, fast active alignment assembly solutions for micro-optical device assembly and attach tasks. ASSEMBLY machines utilize our AutoAlign multi-axis positioning systems – high-end stages with multiple (from 3 up to 16) degrees-of-freedom combined with state-of-the-art real-time motion controllers, guaranteeing easy and accurate sub-µm pivot-point positioning.
Optional modules provide additional features (multi-functionality), with the high-end models providing optional automatic tool changing, optional test modules, and wafer processing capability.

Availability: Stand-alone from A500 and up. In-line from A400 and up. 100- and 300-series also available.

AL300 AL500

Automated Fiber-Optics Assembly – FIBER line

High-precision, fast active alignment assembly solutions specifically for fiber-optic and waveguide-based devices, including arrays. FIBER machine utilizes our AutoAlign multi-axis positioning systems – high-end stages with multiple (from 3 up to 12) degrees-of-freedom combined with state-of-the-art real-time motion controllers, guaranteeing easy and accurate sub-µm pivot-point positioning and alignment.
Available as a multi-functional, stand-alone system or as a specific in-line machine for production line duty. The base unit can be customized with a suite of optional modules, providing additional functionality.

Availability: Stand-alone from F500 and up. In-line from F400 and up. 300-series also available.


Automated Die Bonding – BOND line

Precision, passive alignment assembly cells focused on chip/die alignment and associated thermal bonding processes, with accuracies down to the micron and even sub-micron range. Feature-rich functional modules provide thermal management, multiple bond force modes and eutectic/epoxy/soldering capability, thus catering to a wide range of individual bonding requirements. BOND machines are designed for chip-on-submount (CoS), MEMS/MOEMS and sensor assembly, as well as for additional optical components such as photodiodes, LEDs, laser diodes and hybrid assemblies on silicon photonics and other PIC devices.

Available as semi-automated desktop modules (R&D, low-volume), as fully-automated multi-functional stand-alone systems and as specific in-line machines for production line duty. High-end models provide optional automatic tool changing and wafer processing capability.

Availability: Stand-alone from B500 and up. In-line from B400 and up. 100- and 300-series also available.

BL100 BL300 BL500

Adaptable Die Bonding Platform – CUSTOM line

Our most adaptable and versatile die bonder, the CUSTOM line machines are a range of modular, multi-purpose die bonder cells. Sporting the largest range of optional modules available to any ficonTEC platform, these machines are designed to provide diverse ‘off-the-shelf’ pre-configurable solutions for customers in the semiconductor and photonics assembly and packaging sector.
Only available as stand-alone systems from CL1000 and up, with larger machines providing optional automatic tool changing and wafer processing capability. Designed for industrial production environments, and especially suited to NPI (New Product Introduction).

Availability: Stand-alone only from C1000 and up – similar functionality is available in-line by combining A, F and/or B inline systems.


Fully-automated Testing – TEST line

Fully-automated test systems for full LIV testing as well as spectral and near-/far-field beam characterization of single laser chips, VCSELs, unmounted laser diode bars, and chip-on-submount (CoS) sources. Also available for a variety of other complex tasks, including singulated chip testing, wafer-level testing, automated optical inspection, and more. High-end models can be equipped with an optional wafer table for wafer processing tasks, while the in-line platform provides testing functionality for production line duty.

Availability: Stand-alone from T500 and up. In-line from T400 and up. 100- and 300-series also available.


Fully-automated Inspection – INSPECTION line

Fully-automated, multi-camera-based systems available for a variety of complex inspection tasks, achieved by acquiring high-resolution pictures of all surfaces of interest, and performing optical inspection based on the user’s criteria. Available with side, top and bottom wall inspection modules, as well as for coated facets of semiconductor chips and PICs. Wafer table option available. Different feeding philosophies make the INSPECTION line systems in-line capable.

Availability: Stand-alone only as I2000.





Laser Diode Bar Stacking – STACK line

A unique machine providing fully-automated stacking and unstacking of laser diode bars. It can handle any combination of laser bars and spacers (dummies), generating flush or staggered stacks. It can optionally can be equipped with fully-automated visual device inspection for sorting bars into the designated GelPaks or WafflePaks based on the inspection results.

Availability: Stand-alone only as S2000.

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Laser Welding – WELDER line

A 2- or 3-beam vertical configuration laser welding machine cell utilizing a fiber-coupled Nd:YAG laser and featuring automatic alignment, laser welding, device characterization and testing capabilities as well as sophisticated component tracking throughout the entire machine process. As standard the system includes ficonTEC‘s exclusive AccuView target viewing laser processing heads.

Availability: Stand-alone only as W4000.

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