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Welcome to ficonTEC’s blog page, a magazine-style approach to news and stories that is designed to keep our valuable customers, partners and followers better informed of important developments & changes, and of current topics and their relevance, as well as providing an educational ‘inside line’ to applications capability and skilled system usage.
Please feel free to provide feedback on the content. Alternatively, ficonTEC can be reached using the ‘Contact us’ button present for each blog entry.

  • Photonics West 2021 News

    ficonTEC eco-system to be shown at Photonics West 2021

  • System Visibility Online

    Most relationships strictly bound by NDAs, but systems are visible online.

  • Collaboration with Fraunhofer

    Our connection with the Fraunhofer network of research institutes.

  • Tyndall National Institute

    ficonTEC’s collaboration with Tyndall operates on several levels.

  • EPIC Online Technology Meetings

    Here is just one of our options for maintaining lead acquisition.