PHIX Photonics Partnership

September 2020

PHIX Photonics Partnership

PHIX B.V. of Enschede, The Netherlands, is a Dutch packaging foundry that assembles their customers’ photonic integrated circuits into complete modules. With firm ties to the integrated photonics hub in the Netherlands (PhotonDelta, among others), the PHIX team is able to draw on a comprehensive infrastructure as well as a wealth of expertise and knowledge in the area of process development and manufacturing capability.
Not surprisingly, we at ficonTEC have recognized the potential and efforts of this region for some time, so it is also not surprising to learn that we have partnered with PHIX to help them better realize their goal of providing contract manufacturing and the associated development services – not only for the region, but indeed globally.
The first of the systems recently delivered to PHIX (currently) performs automated integration of multiple photonic integrated circuits (PICs) for chiplet manufacturing – I say ‘currently’, as these systems can of course be re-configured and re-purposed. In this set-up, two 6-axis stages simultaneously position a fiber array and an optical waveguide (a TriPleX silicon nitride PIC) to one another with sub-micron precision. Subsequently, an active laser chip is aligned through the waveguide to the fiber array, the laser chip and PIC are bonded using UV-activated adhesive, resulting in a post-bond accuracy of less than 250 nm.

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You can read the full press release here. The PHIX video on YouTube is here.
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