ficonTEC Webinar Mini-Series

ficonTEC Webinar Series

Get advanced warning of upcoming webinars, keep up-to-date on ficonTEC’s latest developments and gain the chance to ask our experts directly, all by signing up for our popular mini-webinar series.

The series comprises bite-sized webinars on a full spectrum of topics covering product developments, technologies & capabilities, important and trending topics, ML-based process control, etc., critical aspects of HVM as well as other themes. We try to keep these webinars short so that you can get back to work. We round up each with a Q&A session (open-ended), where participants are free to ask questions.

Previous webinars (available via view-on-demand), and the dates and topics for upcoming webinars are available below. Those interested in gaining advanced notice, as well as the opportunity to pose questions to our experts in real time during each webinar, can register for the full series – you will be informed of the topics and any dates (and changes) directly.

Oct. 6 – Fiber Preparation Concept: An Update

Sept. 29 – PIC Testing with Wafer-level Test Systems

See below for details regarding upcoming dates and topics.

All webinars take place on a Wednesday at 3pm (CET).

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Upcoming Webinars

Each webinar will be recorded and will be viewable ‘on demand’ for all registered participants for one month post-broadcast. After roughly 1 month, that episode will be made freely available. Some webinars will be released immediately.

Reminders and links will be sent in advance of each webinar, together with a brief synopsis of what will be discussed within that seminar. (N.B.: ficonTEC reserves the right to change and re-schedule the program to suit any needs and requirements, both internal and external).

The following topics will be held on the given dates:

Dec. 1 – Wednesday 3pm (CET)

Dec. 1 –  Through-silicon Assembly – with Dr. Christoph Mittelstaedt, ficonTEC R&D and Dr. Erik Beckert from Fraunhofer IOF

Through-silicon machine vision takes advantage of the optical transparency of silicon beyond ~1.1µm. Given the right approach, light sources can be passively coupled directly into waveguides by viewing from beneath the wafer – and with results equal to those for active alignment. We present these results and discuss some specific applications that should benefit the most.


Dec. 8 – Wednesday 3pm (CET)

Dec. 8 – 20 Years of ficonTEC
with ficonTEC CEO Torsten Vahrenkamp

Rescheduled from Season 2. An overview of ficonTEC past, present and future. To conclude our webinar series for 2021, we look at 20 years of photonics assembly & test, we look at some of the older systems still in use, and we summarize the near-term developments that you can expect from ficonTEC.

Published Webinars

All webinars are either now feely available, or any recent webinars will be released 1 month after their initial broadcast. A one-time registration gains you viewing rights for upcoming live webinars online, advanced notice of the topics and dates (and any changes), as well as early access to the latest (previous) webinars and any other future premium content.

October 06, 2021 – Freely viewable

Fiber Preparation Concepts: An Update
Dr. Erik Beckert from Fraunhofer IOF and Arne Bentfeldt, Senior Product Manager at ficonTEC

Based on work undertaken within the now successfully completed LasClad project, we – that is, together with Erik Beckert from Fraunhofer IOF  – now want to present a closer look at the Fiber Preparation system ideas already teased in a previous webinar – tested concepts, intended capabilities and relevant application spaces.

September 29, 2021 – Freely viewable

PIC Testing with Wafer-level Test Systems
with Iñigo Artundo, CEO of VLC Photonics, Prof. Andrea Melloni of Politecnico di Milano and Torsten Vahrenkamp CEO of ficonTEC

With an ever increasing number of wafer-level test systems spread across production, delivery, installation and being operational, some customers are already gaining useful insights into its application. With the first Season 3 webinar, Iñigo Artundo and now Prof. Andrea Melloni of Politecnico di Milano join Torsten Vahrenkamp for an in-depth view of VLC Photonics’ own approach to the utilization and potential of this tool.

June 02, 2021 – Freely viewable

LIGENTEC ACADEMY Webinar #2 – PIC Testing
Michael Kelly (Keysight Technologies) + Torsten Vahrenkamp (ficonTEC) + Antoine Brimont (LIGENTEC)

View Torsten Vahrenkamp’s own, as well as the other speaker contributions to the Ligentec Academy webinar on PIC Testing. This webinar contribution should be particularly interesting to those wanting to learn more about ficonTEC’s integrated photonic test system developments (see also our own webinar on this topic below).

April 28, 2021 – Freely viewable

High-volume In-line Manufacturing
Dr. Gregory Flinn, Augusto Mandelli & Frank Baumann (CEO, Duramentum)

While our stand-alone systems were always in-line-capable, it was the introduction of our ‘made for in-line’ platform in 2018 that really took this to the next level. Our current ‘king of in-line’ is a 14 system production line for automotive sensor applications. For those seeking in-line production capability, this webinar will cover what you need to know.

April 14, 2021 – Freely viewable

Wafer-level Test Development Update
Dr. Gregory Flinn + Torsten Vahrenkamp (CEO, ficonTEC)

The new WaferLine Test product line continues to be rolled out to the first customers worldwide. Starting from the first concept systems delivered in 2019, this first of 3 WLT variants now commonly provides combined electro-optical test for R&D development and low-volume, low-complexity test-&-qualify tasks. However, on the very near-horizon are variants 2 and 3, for batch testing of VCSELs and test-&-qualify of high-complexity integrated devices (think: co-packaging), respectively. Join CEO Torsten Vahrenkamp for an update on what ficonTEC is bringing to the photonics test-&-measurement eco-system.

March 17, 2021 – Freely viewable

MASSTART – High-throughput Assembly for Transceivers: An Update
Contributions from Fraunhofer IZM, NVIDIA & ficonTEC

To improve the eco-system for the mass production of photonic devices, the EU-funded MASSTART project set out in 2019 to explore cost-efficient assembly solutions that address the needs of the device manufacturers. In a joint webinar hosted by ficonTEC, project coordinator Fraunhofer IZM and device manufacturer NVIDIA discuss their roles, goals and wish lists for next-generation transceiver manufacturing and how these are addressed within MASSTART.

February 10, 2021 – Freely viewable

F300 & CL1500 for Fiber Assembly
Dr. Gregory Flinn + Arne Bentfeldt

In a return to looking at ficonTEC’s products, we look at two very important, popular and flexible systems in our fiber assembly line-up, the F300 and the CL1500. Both systems have at least been mentioned before in previous webinars, but here we discuss and contrast the breadth of application for which each system can be applied. We also tease an exciting, fully automated fiber strip, cleave and insert development system by revealing and describing a demo video for the concept.

January 20, 2021 – Freely viewable

ficonTEC – Webinar #01 – Kick-off  Webinar 2021
Dr. Gregory Flinn + Torsten Vahrenkamp (CEO, ficonTEC)

In this 2nd kick-off webinar with CEO Torsten Vahrenkamp, this time for the 2021 webinar series, we look back to review 2020, discuss our international plans, the latest technology developments for PIC testing and high-volume manufacturing, and round-up by sharing our expectations for 2021.

December 16, 2020 – Freely viewable

Automated Assembly for Lidar
Dr. Gregory Flinn + Torsten Vahrenkamp, CEO

LiDAR is a strongly trending topic currently, with market research indicating hyper-growth over the next few years – and not just in automotive. With several technology approaches for both the light projection and image capture side of the device, naturally there is great opportunity for implementation of photonic assembly and testing.

November 25, 2020 – Freely viewable

BondLine / CustomLine – Stand-alone & In-line Systems
Dr. Gregory Flinn + Andreas Ott

A rundown of our fully automated, high-precision position-&-attach bonder product lines for photonic-enabled chips and dies. We compare and contrast the technologies and capabilities each product line can provide, and give some insights as to their usage.

November 18, 2020 – Freely viewable

AI/ML-based Process Control
Dr. Gregory Flinn + Dr. Colin Dankwart + Dave Pritts

AI/ML-enabled applications  in manufacturing are in the news, and rightly so. However, while already a cornerstone of Industry 4.0, there is still some way to go for their implementation in the photonics sector. We overview the application of this technology at ficonTEC and what this means for the customer.

November 04, 2020 – Freely viewable

Passive vs. Active Alignment – What you need to know!
Dr. Gregory Flinn & Dr. Simon Kibben

Depending on the requirements of the application, there are arguments both for and against the use of (only) passive or passive/active alignment approaches. We will try to shed some light on the differences in methodology, requirements and results, and hopefully banish any urban myths.

October 28, 2020 – Freely viewable

AssemblyLine / FiberLine – Stand-alone & In-line Systems
Dr. Gregory Flinn

A rundown of our fully automated, high-precision, fast-active align-&-attach assembly product lines for (integrated) photonic components and opto-electronic devices. We overview the technologies and capabilities they can provide, and give some insights as to their usage.

October 21, 2020 – Freely viewable

ficonTEC – Webinar #01 – Photonics Assembly & Test – ‘ficonTEC 101’
Dr. Gregory Flinn + Torsten Vahrenkamp (CEO, ficonTEC)

In this kick-off webinar with CEO Torsten Vahrenkamp, we provide an introduction to the series, what you can expect in future episodes, as well as an overview of ficonTEC as a company, as a machine systems manufacturer, as a solutions provider for all thing #photonics_assembly_and_test, and, last but not least, we briefly discuss trending topics.