ficonTEC Webinar Mini-Series

ficonTEC Q4 2020 Webinar Mini-Series

As an extension of our ficonTEC Insider Blog channel, we will be hosting a pilot webinar series through until the end of Q4 2020.


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The series comprises a number of bite-sized webinars on a full spectrum of topics covering the product lines, maintenance and calibration How-to’s, important and trending technologies & capabilities such as Performance Services, critical aspects of HVM as well as other themes. The plan is then to continue with further topics in 2021.

Interested participants are invited to register for free and once only for the full series (below), and can themselves then pick & choose which topics interest them the most by simply participating in individual webinars (or not).

The typical format will include a brief ‘hello’, a short introduction and any relevant news, followed by the topic of the individual webinar taking up the bulk of the time allocated. We will then round up with a Q&A session (open-ended), where participants are free to ask questions, or simply leave as they wish.

Each webinar will be recorded and will be viewable ‘on demand’ post-broadcast for all registered participants, thus enabling one to catch up on missed episodes, or on ‘the story so far’ for those registering later. Reminders and links will be sent in advance of each webinar, together with a brief synopsis of what will be discussed within that seminar.

The intended slot is Wednesdays at 3pm (CET). See the weekly schedule and brief descriptions.

The first webinar provides an introduction to the series and a quick overview of ficonTEC’s principal activities. It can be freely viewed here (below), but all subsequent webinars require registration.

(N.B.: ficonTEC Service reserves the right to change the schedule and program to suit any needs and requirements, both internal and external).

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October 21, 2020 – Wednesday 3pm (CET)

ficonTEC Service
Photonics Assembly & Test / Dr. Gregory Flinn + Torsten Vahrenkamp

An overview of ficonTEC as a company, as a machine systems manufacturer, as a solutions provider for all things #photonics_assembly_and_test, as well as a brief discussion of trending topics and how ficonTEC is already set-up to cater to these application requirements.

October 28, 2020 – Wednesday 3pm (CET)

AssemblyLine / FiberLine
Stand-alone & In-line Systems / Dr. Gregory Flinn + Guest

A rundown of our fully automated, high-precision, fast-active align-&-attach assembly product lines for (integrated) photonic components and opto-electronic devices. We overview the technologies and capabilities they can provide, and give some insights as to their usage.

November 04, 2020 – Wednesday 3pm (CET)

Passive vs. Active Alignment
What you need to know! / Dr. Gregory Flinn & Dr. Simon Kibben

Depending on the requirements of the application, there are arguments both for and against the use of (only) passive or passive/active alignment approaches. We will try to shed some light on the differences in methodology, requirements and results, and hopefully banish any urban myths.

November 11, 2020 – Wednesday 3pm (CET)

BondLine / CustomLine
Stand-alone & In-line Systems / Dr. Gregory Flinn + Arne Bentfeldt

A rundown of our fully automated, high-precision position-&-attach bonder product lines  for photonic-enabled chips and dies. We compare and contrast the technologies and capabilities each product line can provide, and give some insights as to their usage.

November 18, 2020 – Wednesday 3pm (CET)

AI/ML-based Process Control
Dr. Gregory Flinn + Dr. Colin Dankwart + Guest

AI/ML-enabled applications  in manufacturing are in the news, and rightly so. However, while already a cornerstone of Industry 4.0 , there is still some way to go for their implementation in the photonics sector. We overview the application of this technology at ficonTEC  and what this means for the customer.

November 25, 2020 – Wednesday 3pm (CET)

F300 or CL1500 for fiber-optics tasks?
Dr. Gregory Flinn + Arne Bentfeldt

Many fiber-optic assembly tasks are readily addressed by our FiberLine products, even by the F300. Sometimes, however, we recommend moving up to a CustomLine CL1500. In this webinar we will attempt to put you in the picture as to ‘why?’.

December 02, 2020 – Wednesday 3pm (CET)

High-volume Manufacturing
Dr. Gregory Flinn + Guest

While our stand-alone systems were always in-line-capable, it was the introduction of ‘made for in-line’ platform in 2018 that really took this to the next level. Our current ‘king of in-line’ is an 11-system production line for automotive sensor applications. For those seeking in-line production capability, this webinar will cover what you need to know.

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