Automated Strip, Cleave & Insert

June 27, 2020

Automated Strip, Cleave & Insert

Both our Apps Labs as well as our R&D group often have interesting challenges presented to them, sometimes as a pre-requisite to secure a contract, other times simply as a proof-of-concept or of capability. In one of these studies, an automated test set-up has been developed by the R&D group that performs automatic stripping, cleaving and final insertion of a x8 fiber ribbon array into its connector housing.

Stripping and cleaving are performed via laser ablation and cutting, respectively. The free fibers and the target grooves are then located in space using advanced machine vision. Note that the ferrules receiving the fibers are only 1 µm larger than the fibers themselves. It is very satisfying to see how easily and smoothly this entire process can be reliably completed.

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Relevant machine types:



Fiber-Optic Assembly, incl. F300


Photonic Device Assembly Cell (stand-alone), AL2000