AOI (Inspection)

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

Facet inspection as well as contamination and defect recognition – fast, automated and reliable

No complex assembly process is complete without the ability to inspect and characterize the many different components used. ficonTEC’s fully automated INSPECTIONLINE systems acquire high-resolution pictures of the surfaces of interest and performs optical inspection based on the user’s criteria. For example, facet inspection of laser diodes, QC for coatings, surface inspection, top/bottom/side-wall inspection of semiconductor chips, and die sorting are just some of the many inspection tasks performed routinely by ficonTEC’s suite of inspection tools.

As for all of ficonTEC’s systems, a modular approach permits the inspection platform to equipped with additional features – automatic tray handling and various feeding philosophies, testing capabilities (e.g. LIV), top/bottom chip inspection, and in-situ labelling.

Our defect recognition algorithms now use Deep Learning – see the video.

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Key Features

  • High-magnification imaging system

  • Color camera for individual color channel examination

  • Köhler illumination

  • Chip side wall inspection

  • Die sorting


Facet inspection


Color camera for individual color channel examination


Reading data codes


Defect inspection (actor contamination)


Locate center of VCSEL

  • Crack recognition

  • Break-out detection

  • Prognosis of crack propagation

  • Particle recognition

  • Dust and fiber recognition

  • Detailed component/batch/lot tracking

  • Individual error catalog handling

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Fully-automated Chip Inspection System IL2000