HPLD Testing

LIV – High-power Laser Diode Testing

Testing and characterizing the light-generating devices
at the very heart of photonics technology

An important aspect of the development and manufacture of laser diodes is the so-called laser diode characterization, or Laser IV curve. By applying increasing current to the laser diode so it that emits light, the optical output is measured together with the voltage drop across the diode element. The resulting LIV curve reveals important clues about the quality of manufacture and the performance of the laser diode, enabling a pass/fail decision to be met.

To test if all functional components are meeting specifications, ficonTEC provides an automated test machine. The characteristic laser parameters are measured by running an LIV or, instead, a DC sweep. Parallel to the optical power, the optical output spectrum and near and far-field characteristics (amongst others) can also be measured.


The accumulated data is written to an SQL Database, providing the user with the necessary statistical analysis and feedback so that e.g. yield can be tracked and improved. The system allows full component tracking and sorting when equipped with a handling system.

Key Features

  • LIV testing and beam characterization

  • Single emitter chip, or parallel testing of entire bars

  • Optical beam characteristics can be measured simultaneously with optical power output

  • All acquired and statistical data written to SQL database files


High-power bar & CoS tester


Measurement of optical beam characteristics


Automatic pick-&-place of laser bars on GELpak


GELPak Full bar facet inspection

  • Vacuum pick-up tool handling

  • LIV, spectral and far & near field tests

  • Fully automatic handling of devices

  • Easy-to-change optical & electrical probe heads

  • Option for component top side and facet inspection

  • Flexible integration of external test instrumentation and test protocols

  • Compatible to SQL and other database systems for data traceability

More information

Relevant systems include the those from the TESTLINE product line


Test System TL500


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