Laser Diode Assembly

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High-power Laser Diode Assembly

Where would we be without laser diodes
and the myriad devices that are made with them?

The laser diode is one of the most common devices used throughout photonics. The micro-assembly process calls for the placement and bonding of single or multiple laser diodes (stacked or complete bars), the placement, active alignment and bonding of necessary micro-optical components, device testing, and ultimately packaging and quality control.

ficonTEC’s machines and modules are capable of all the steps necessary for assembling laser diodes, even high-power devices.


Key features

  • Pick-&-Place and assembly of laser diodes as single emitters or as complete stack of laser diode bars

  • Bonding via eutectic soldering, epoxy adhesives, or laser-induced soldering

  • Placement, alignment and bonding of associated micro-optical components (fast-axis and slow-axis collimation)

  • Pigtailing of output fibers

  • LIV testing and beam characterization

  • Full packaging assembly




Single emitter assembly


Stacking of bars and assembly of single emitters

  • High-precision 6-DOF alignment engine

  • Automatically attachment of fast axis collimator lenses

  • Fast configurable active alignment routines

  • Signal auto-locking

  • Closed loop active alignment from beam profiling

  • Precision epoxy dispensing

  • Active tracking epoxy shrinkage compensation

  • Pick & Place from component trays for extend full automation

  • Flexible, easy-to-use software platform

More information

Relevant systems include the those from the
ASSEMBLY, BOND and FIBER product lines


Automated Micro-Optics Assembly, e.g. AL500


(Automated) Fiber-Optics Assembly, incl. FL300


Automated Die Bonding, e.g. BL2000