Providing Access To Technology

June 2020

Apps Labs – Providing Access To Technology

ficonTEC as an entity has now been developing assembly and test systems for over 20 years. Our cumulative expertise, given the growing and diverse workforce, is of course much, much higher. While much of that expertise has been developed internally, some of it has been gained via involvement within international collaborations. The latter helps us understand where the industry is going and what it needs. The result is a growing number of systems across a diverse range of applications successfully installed across the globe – around mid-2020 some 800 in total.

All that we have learned and developed, individually or collectively, is accessible via our Applications Labs in Achim/Germany, Cork/Ireland (located directly at the Tyndall National Institute), Shenzhen/China and Tallinn/Estonia. At all of these locations we are able to demonstrate anything from ‘quick-&-dirty’ to fully-engineered proof-of-process demonstrations – and anything in between. Our teams constantly communicate and exchange resources, so ‘we all know what we all know’.

But even though the Applications Labs make use of capabilities that we have already developed and perhaps implemented elsewhere (i.e. what we have *not yet* developed is actually the role of the R&D group), we find ourselves still learning as we apply these capabilities to new customer scenarios and requirements. And the deeper we become involved in defining the process translation, the more gets coupled back into machine design and layout – benefitting the customer and eventually progress as a whole.

Do you have a production process challenge for our teams, or have a problem you find difficult to solve? If so, please get in touch, for example via our Request Form.