Tyndall National Institute

June 18, 2020

Tyndall National Institute

In terms of Projects & Initiatives, the Tyndall National Institute is one of our more important technology partners. If you do not yet appreciate their role and significance in many (emerging) technology sectors, I suggest you browse their research page.

While PIXAPP has been running for some years now (and for which the feedback from a recent review by the EC listed the results as ‘exceptional’), Tyndall and ficonTEC have also come together along with other industry partners to build the National Photonics Manufacturing Pilot Line, an integrated photonics manufacturing eco-system designed to advance disruptive photonic technologies from concept to commercialization. Funding is being provided by the Irish Government through its Disruptive Technology Innovation Fund and is run by the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation, with administrative support from Enterprise Ireland. Access to the Pilot Line is open to any and all companies around the globe looking to quickly realize future integrated photonics devices within a dedicated ecosystem.

As a result of this continued collaboration, ficonTEC has just recently established a unique facility with a dedicated support team. Taken together, Tyndall and ficonTEC hope to develop advanced photonics manufacturing equipment for emerging markets, as well as train the future photonics workforce in advanced manufacturing processes, with particular focus on MedTech, a sector not only valuable in Ireland.

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