System Visibility Online

June 19, 2020

System Visibility Online

Much of ficonTEC’s customer relationships are strictly bound by NDAs – I could show you a long list of installations with THE significant players in many established and emerging fields – communications, LiDAR, ADAS, sensing and more – but this would not be good for our long-term business.
However, not all relationships are so secret, and with some we have entirely open agreements – PHIX Photonics Assembly, and Beckermus Technologies (see below) are just two examples of synergistic relationships. In addition to this, ficonTEC has been occasionally approached to help out with marketing materials for so-called image films – Fraunhofer HHI is one such example (see entry below).
Below is a list of websites in the public domain where ficonTEC systems are visible amongst the visual material – either because they are installed in a facility and their visibility is desired, because ficonTEC has been formally asked if system visibility is allowed in marketing material, because the system is perhaps on loan from associate organizations, or perhaps it has made its way to that organization for other reasons and the system has randomly made its way into the shot.
Naturally, these links should only be taken at face value – unless there are explicit statements to the contrary, the following linked material makes absolutely no inference of a commercial relationship at any level. This blog entry is only about showing our system visibility online.

PolyPhotonics Berlin, aka Fraunhofer HHI, in Berlin/Germany. This video was generated by ficonTEC and is additionally available for viewing on our Vimeo page. PolyPhotonics recently had an article published in Laser Focus World, which links directly to our video. And there is further system visibility here (from around 3:00). Last but not least, don’t forget to read the ficonTEC Insider entry detailing our relationships with various Fraunhofer Institutes.

MiQro Innovation Collaborative Centre (C2MI), located in Bromont, Québec/Canada. C2MI is a customer with a video in the public domain showing a working ficonTEC system in their development lab. C2MI was founded by IBM (see below) together with Teledyne DALSA, the Université de Sherbrooke, and the City of Bromont.

The YouTube channel belonging to IBM Assembly and Test Services, located in Bromont, Québec/Canada, reveals a video demonstrating their ‘automated assembly capabilities’ for integrated photonics. The video in question clearly shows ficonTEC equipment being used to market this capability. The ficonTEC system shown here is actually located at C2MI (see entry above).

Beckermus Technologies, located in Caesarea/Israel, and provides micro-assembly services. There are a number of videos on the Beckermus YouTube channel that clearly show the use of ficonTEC systems, the most recent being their company presentation video.

Brolis Semiconductors, a manufacturer of near to mid-IR laser products based in Vilnius, Lithuania, was kind enough to post a picture of a new ficonTEC system that had been recently delivered to their lab. No need to hide the fact here that Brolis is a satisfied customer and partner.

Technobis tft-fos specializes in the development and supply of fibre optic sensing systems and applications. All developments are spectrometry and or interferometry based. Starting 17 years ago with free-space optics, nowadays all new developments are based on integrated photonics. Technobis has posted a video on PIC Packaging on YouTube, that extensively features their use of ficonTEC systems for development.

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