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Q2 2023 – Laser World of Photonics in Munich

If you have approaching needs in photonics production technology, spanning process development to highly automated manufacturing – including for quantum technology applications – then visiting ficonTEC at Laser World of Photonics in Munich in June might just provide the right path to your most effective solution. Find out about what to expect, how to gain entrance to the event, and other highlights below …


1. Events: LWoP Munich, June 27-30

2. Entrance tickets to LWoP Munich

3. Recent news highlights ...


50 Years of LWoP Munich, June 27-30

ficonTEC will again exhibit at this year’s Laser World of Photonics event. By taking place in the last week of June, LWoP is returning to its usual point in the (biennial) calendar. Additionally, this event marks '50 Years of Laser', i.e. the event's first outing being in 1973 and a mere 13 years after the invention of the laser itself.

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And in demonstrating that it is not just laser technology that is still moving rapidly forward, attendees can in 2023 also visit both the automatica event, taking place in parallel, and the 2nd World of Quantum event, co-located with LWoP 2023.

To find out how ficonTEC tangents all 3 of these topics – photonics, quantum technology and manufacturing automation – visit the ficonTEC booth at LWoP: B2.341.


Entrance tickets to LWoP Munich
(also valid for World of Quantum & automatica

ficonTEC will be present at LWoP with a full team to present all that is new at ficonTEC and to discuss any of your needs for all things 'photonics assembly and test'. We have a small collection of recent and pending manufacturing-related developments for trending technologies such as lidar and automotive sensing, PIC and co-packaging, and quantum technology. Further themes address manufacturing efficiency – including ML-assisted process management, service packages, virtual training and more. 

All are available to be discussed within the context of your own development and manufacturing needs – for those intending to visit LWoP 2023, you can request an entry ticket via the link below, compliments of your favorite exhibitor:

Entrance to LWoP, World of Quantum & automatica, courtesy of ficonTEC **


News: Recent highlights ...

In case you have missed out on any of our recent news highlights and developments, here are a few links to get you started – if any questions remain, simply get in touch or, better still, seek out a meeting at LWoP [ mailto: ] in order to get your questions answered:

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1. Find out more about PhoQuant
(industry-relevant quantum computing Made in Germany) and ficonTEC’s involvement.

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2. A ficonTEC Laser Weld system was crucial in TESAT’s component manufacturing contribution to a first tranche of SDA optical communication terminals launched recently – ask for details at LWoP!

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3. Other ficonTEC news – ficonTEC’s recent activities in automotive, attendance at recent and up-coming events, activities at ficonTEC's USA, Ireland and other locations, as well as much more – can be all found on our LinkedIN & Twitter channels. Follow us to keep up-to-date … 


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