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ficonTEC designs and produces high precision production equipment for micro assembly or testing of components.

We are the market leader when it comes to automated micro assembly or testing of micro-optics or opto-electronics such as laser diode manufacture, medical technology, security and defense engineering, as well as telecommunication. We develop off the shelf and individual automation solutions in microsystems engineering that increase the efficiency and precision of your production processes. Learn more about the products and services of ficonTEC, a worldwide supplier of micro assembly solutions, on these pages.

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Latest Products

Wafer Processing

Chip Inspection System

For side wall inspection of semiconductor chips as well as for the inspection of coated facets the ficonTEC IL2000 is the dedicated machine. The fully automatic machine acquires high resolution pictures of the surfaces of interest and performs optical inspections based on the user’s criteria. A top and bottom side inspection module can be added to this system as well as different material feeding philosophies.

Visual Inspection

Automated Micro-Optics Assembly

The AL500-AA  product series is specialized for the automated production of micro-optical packages. The machine combines unique active assembly capabilities with a rugged industry proven design. The AL500 has been developed for handling, placing, and aligning of micro-optical components. For building optical modules from such miniaturized components the machine follows an active alignment approach.

Micro Assembly
Pick -up Tool

High Precision Die Attach

With the special bond head the CL1000 is perfectly suited for chip bonding. A specifically designed die handler holds the die while a dedicated bond camera observes the chip and the bond position on the substrate concurrently. This offers alignment distances during the assembly process for best bonding accuracy.

Die Bonder




The ProcessControlMaster software features an intuitive line based programming GUI including powerful alignment routines and is completely equipped for full assembly or testing automation. The Process Control Master software is the software which also operates our assembly machines.

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ficonTEC has been honored as researching organization for its special communal and societal responsibility with the quality seal “Innovation through Research”.




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ficonTEC Service GmbH, the leading manufacturer for high precision die bonding, assembly and testing equipment, is proud of its ISO 9001:2008 certification, by DNV GL/Hamburg, Germany.