Photonic Device Testing

Photonic Device Testing

ficonTEC’s series of photonic device testing machines is focused on automated characterization of opto-electronic chips and assembles. These increasingly complex and miniaturized photonic devices and integrated circuits (PICs) perform advanced optical functions, such as routing, (de)multiplexing switching of optical signals, sensing, data communications. These devices include Si-photonics components, sensor assemblies, medical devices, MEMS/MOEMS, miniature lasers, hybrid assemblies, LED print heads, high-power LEDs, and many more.

The system checks to see if full opto-electronic functionality is meeting specifications. The accumulated data is written to a SQL database, providing the user with the necessary statistical analysis and feedback so that, for example, yield can be improved. The system allows full component tracking and sorting when equipped with a handling system.



The latest integrated designs, which incorporate both electronic and photonic devices on a hybrid device, provide benefit in terms of functionality, miniaturization, high-volume manufacture and cost/part. Furthermore, the long-term trend towards the uptake of PICs is a key enabling step for future manufacturing.

However, these high-volume manufactured devices also present a number of challenges during device testing. The long-term requirement will be for ever higher levels of automation and highly parallel testing concepts, both on and off-wafer

Key Features

  • Testing of singulated devices

  • Wafer-level testing

  • Testing of fully packaged devices

  • Combined optical & electrical testing

  • Interfacing to test & measurement equipment

  • Fully-automated processes


Device testing


Fully automated testing


LIV testing and beam characterization

  • Vacuum pick-up tool handling

  • Fully automatic handling of devices

  • Easy-to-change optical & electrical probe heads

  • Die sorting and component tracking

  • Process parameter tracking

  • OCR for serial number tracking & component traceability

  • Flexible integration of external test instrumentation and test protocols

  • Compatible to SQL and other database systems for data traceability

More information

Relevant machine platforms and modules include the
TL & FL product lines, for example:


TL1000 Wafer-level Test System


FL300-12 for Testing


TL2000 Opto-electronics Chip Tester