Micro assembly solutions


Performing the production stages for your micro assembly solutions

ficonTEC offers a range of machines for micro assembly solutions. Different production stages such as assembly, testing, and the characterization of photonic and opto-electronic devices, modules, or subsystems can be performed. All machines are based on flexible modular platforms for either standard or customized system solutions.

Built for Industrial Use

  • Rugged steel base production cell
  • Hardware interlock circuit for save operation
  • Ergonomic HUI
  • Full featured machine switchboard
  • Integrated air and vac control
  • Operation console for comfort access of basic machine function

Latest Machines


Motion Stages


Micro Assembly


Die Bonder


Fiber Alignment

Wafer Processing

Visual Inspection


Chip Tester

Machine Modules

ficonTEC offers a wide range of modules to meet the customer’s demands within the diverse requirements in the field of semi-automatic and fully automated production and testing equipment. All modules are available as standalone products for OEM integration. Contact us for further details and pricing.

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