Machine Platforms

A Modular Approach to Machines

ficonTEC is the market leader when it comes to automated micro-assembly and/or testing of photonics-based components, micro-optics and opto-electronics.

We develop off-the-shelf and individual automation solutions that employ a suite of industry-recognized assembly technologies – micro-positioning, active/passive precision alignment, as attachment via welding, soldering and/or bonding, and optical inspection. ficonTEC also provides a suite of test capabilities for individual components and assembled devices.

Since 2001, and now with over 500 systems in the field, ficonTEC has refined its design so that these systems reliably and cost-effectively increase the efficiency and yield of your production processes.



Product Platforms


Desk-top equipment


Small footprint, stand-alone machines


In-line capable, high-volume manufacturing

Product Lines

AA, AL & FL : AutoAlign, AssemblyLine & FiberLine

High-precision, active alignment assembly cells available as stand-alone systems, with varying levels of complexity. Used for micro-optics alignment (microlenses, mirrors, prisms, etc.), for fiber-optic (singled and arrayed) pig-tailing, as well as for components such as laser sources. Designed for industrial usage in production environments.

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BL : BondLine

Precision, passive alignment assembly cells available as desktop modules and stand-alone systems, focused on fully automated bonding processes in the micron and even sub-micron range. Used for chip-on-submount (CoS), MEMS/MOEMS and sensor assembly, as well as for further optical components such as photodiodes, LEDs, laser diodes and hybrid assemblies in PICs. Feature-rich functional modules provide for a wide range of individual bonding applications. Designed for R&D, low-volume use through to high-volume industrial manufacturing environments.

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CL : CompactLine

A range of modular, multi-functional cells designed to provide custom-configurable solutions for customers in the semiconductor and photonics packaging market. The base system already provides everything needed for a broad range of applications, although a selection of feature-rich functional modules enables compatibility with an even wider range of production environments. Designed for industrial production environments, and especially suited to NPI (New Product Introduction).

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SL : StackLine

The SL2000 is a unique machine for automated stacking and unstacking of laser diode bars. It can handle any combination of laser bars and spacers (dummies), generating flush or staggered stacks. It can optionally can be equipped with a fully automated visual device inspection and becomes an SL2000i, where the bars are sorted into the designated GelPaks or WafflePaks based on the inspection results.

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TL & IL : TestLine & InspectionLine

Fully-automated test and inspection systems for full LIV testing as well as spectral and beam characterization of single chips, VCSELS, unmounted laser diode bars, and chip-on-submounts (CoS). Also available for a variety of other complex tasks, including singulated chip testing, wafer level testing, automated optical inspection, and more.

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InLine capability

All of the above are compatible with in-line and/or high-volume manufacturing processes by choosing and combining the appropriate configuration in a small-footprint implementation and corresponding feed equipment. Special purpose cells and robotic systems can be flexibly designed and incorporated to suite customer requirements.

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